How PhabrOmeter® Data can work for you?

Evaluation of Laundry Products - PhabrOmeter® is a powerful tool and can be used to measure the performance efficacy of laundry products (detergent or softener). The data can help laundry products manufactures in R&D, QAQC and to improve their products.

The following is an example of one of the sensory data - softness scores of different softeners.

Remark - A larger softness score, a softer fabric.

A normal type of cotton terry cloth used in above measurement; the treated terry towel did show significant reaction to the 4 different type of fabric softeners.

Above data generated by PhabrOmeter® system on 3/20/2017


Evaluation of wet baby wipes - We purchased 10 different baby wipes at Target and used PhabrOmeter to measure their softness score. The results listed below shows that "Mustela" and "Water wipes" are on the top with the highest softness scores.

Remark - A larger softness value, a softer fabric;

Just for reference, we also have their prices below. It shows that "Mustela" and "Water wipes" also standing on the top.

Above data generated by PhabrOmeter® system on 4/20/2017