Suitable Industries

Textile Apparel Industry

The importance of fabric hand is indisputable. It is hard to image a consumer would buy a textile product without touching it, and a poor hand is often the reason why a consumer rejects a product; one well-known example is polyester fiber - it acquired such a bad image at its early stage mainly because of the poor fabric hand.

So far there is lacking an easy to use objective evaluating system to show the designers, researchers, manufactures, and perhaps most importantly, the consumers that a new textile does perform better, and PhabrOmeter® system is able to measure, demonstrate and quantify such improvement.

Textile Chemical Industry

All the new chemicals, regardless the new functions they will bring to textiles, will be accepted only after the users agree that the chemical treatment will at least not adversely affect the textile sensory attributes – something PhabrOmeter® system can provide the answers for.

PhabrOmeter® system can quickly demonstrate the influence of the chemicals on fabric hand. You can then fine-tune your products and produce high quality chemicals for textile industry. PhabrOmeter® system can tell the dyeing experts how their wet processes have affected the fabric hand so they can adjust the process conditions accordingly.

Consumer and Textile Healthcare Industry

PhabrOmeter® system is an essential instrument to assess the sensory quality over such products as diapers, facial tissues, toilet papers, kitchen towels, surgical masks, etc. to improve top-and bottom-line performance.

Production of hygiene and medical textiles is on the rise, softer and more comfortable products will become the key to attract consumers. PhabrOmeter® system once again can be a highly powerful tool for product development and marketing.